Cur.  The common usage, insomuch as the word is used at all today, refers to a mixed-breed dog or a dog of uncertain bloodline.  “Cur” sounds harsher than “mutt” – and probably sounds a bit old-fashioned.

But in the American South, the rural West, and in the eastern mountain border states a cur is, and has been for generations, a carefully bred and highly valued herding, hunting and guard dog.  Curs made it possible for frontier families to work livestock, defend against predators, and to track and bring down small game, deer, boar, and bear.

Cur Dog Knives (our own brand and the select small-maker lines we carry) brings the strength and utility of these legendary bayou and mountain breeds to knife designs intended for the same roles in which their namesakes have always excelled:

Defend. Provide. Work tirelessly.
And, of course, be an inspiring companion through it all.

Cur Dog Knivesbest bared when the journey requires you bite back!